about KDB

kdb has new products successfully established in recent years in Germany and partly also internationally. KDB has an extensive field of knowledge in the construction industry (façade construction, building physics, ventilation and air conditioning), in the nondestructive testing (ZFP), and the coating technique with special colors for metalsheets inclusive expertise in the packaging, storage and shipping of chemicals.

KDB is since 1996 a established tecnical business agency with almost unique structural products and solutions. We carried out in cooperation with partners who has proven many years of cooperation performance, quality and reliability.

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A revolutionary step forward is its own development to a surface treatment for
weathering steel (CorTen) and steel. We delivery in a lot of countries.

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From year 2000 to 2016, KDB was a general sales agent in Germany for HPL wooden facade of PRODEMA
and their wood paneling ProdIN

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